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Will Sargent

Dude, they're LIBRARIANS. That's sexy in itself.


How about a page for submitting bugs? I've already found three...


Try support@consumating.com


There should be a link to those that rate you. If people are going to be too timid/apathetic/short on time to leave a message, it'd be nice to see who actually checked me as what. Just a thought.


Consumating.com is broken.

First of all, I cannot register. whenever I try registering (creating a profile) on Consumating, I get
this error:

Cound not create user!

(Typo is yours.)

Do you have any suggestions how to register? I filled all fields you are asking data for, except ZIP code (because I do not live in the USA).

Please provide a better error description than "Cound not create user"! Why could the user not created? Does the password contain unsupported characters? Is the profile name already in use? Is your database or Web site simply broken?

And when I tried to report this error per e-mail to support@consumating.com on 2005-06-15 and today, 2005-07-02, I got this error e-mail:

This message was created automatically by mail delivery software.

A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. The following addresses failed:

domain name system error:
mail exchanger not found


Are you dead? Is your service dead?

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