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Ben Combee

OK... every profile seems to just be looking for girls now. I know this wasn't the case earlier today. Also, every profile answer is to the latest question, not the one it was for.


you old flatterer you!


All very cool - but I'd *really* like to be able to show my correct age on my profile. Or am I just too old for this site? :p

Ben Brown

All of these bugs have been fixed!

Ben Combee

OK, so twice now I've had a response to a essay question cut off when posting it. I write up a couple of paragraphs, but only the first couple of sentences show up. Tonight, I tried reposting my answer, and I've got both the full answer and cut-off version showing up.


your site's already really popular, and this'll only lead to more popularnessity. indieclick is hot right now.

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